Friday, May 30, 2008


D.C. Memorial Day parade along Constitution Ave. Beautiful day. A local told me D.C. hasn't seen consistent weather like this during the three-day memorial day weekend in 25 years. I assured him it was because I'm in town and that it would turn to crap when I leave.

Finally, Miss America


The other day, I got a haircut at a barber shop on a military base, something I haven't done in more than 30 years. Now I remember why. After looking at the G.I's coming out of the place, I'm thinking this might have been a mistake. Before I get into the chair, I talk to the brother and tell him I don't want to look like a G.I. and ask if he can just give me a trim. In other words, don't buzz me, bro. He assures me that I'll be lookin' good when he's finished. Long story short, the brother "buzzed" me. He said now you look just like your id picture taken over 30 years ago. I'm sayin', now do something about the wrinkles. As for a comb, I won't be needing one for a while. No, pictures are not forthcoming.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Geez! Where did I park my bike???
Just too many people for me.
A couple hundred thousand bikes staged at the Pentagon parking lot for hours in order to make the ride to the wall. There was no way I was going to get caught in that mess.

This guy sat there blowin' patriotic songs on his horn as the bikers were passing.

Went to Arlington on Monday for the ceremonies. Couldn't get close to the amphitheater because it was filled. Found out people were in line at 4:30am for the event that was to start at 11am.

Canon tribute. Loud!

I haven't been keeping up with the news.
Did something happen?????

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Memorial weekend, one couldn't ask for any better weather than D.C. experienced this year. Wasn't too hot and humidity was low.

Building where all the "old guys" are asleep.

Geez! I've been waiting for the Doomsday for years. One would think they'd get tired by now.

Saturday found me at the Air and Space Museum.

I wonder if this is the original Wright Brothers airplane.

The place was packed with people.

WOW! Can you believe it would take 30 years to count to a billion. Hello, God....If I start counting to a billion, will you let me live long enough to do it? Say what! Well, alright! One, two, three,

Also went to the war memorials.
WWII Memorial

Vietnam Memorial - People lined up along the wall.

Many friends and family members make pencil sketches of the names of their loved ones.

Lots of notes with messages like this left by kids.

Korea War Memorial. I find this the most impressive of the three.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Another great day for the most part on my way to Charleston. Caught my first minor rain shower at the end of the trip about five miles from motel. Stopped raining when I got to the motel. It wasn't a storm, so I didn't get drenched. Found Chinese buffet. Lots and lots of food, tasty, $5.95, all you can eat. Wouldn't get half the selection in Hawaii which would cost three to four times more. How great is that. Most of the people in the place was overweight. I'd probably "pork out" as well if I lived in the area, because I'd be eatin' there every day.

Most of today spent riding roads like this on way to Mt. Jackson.
Price of gas gets higher each day. Almost to the four dollar mark. Probably be five bucks a gallon by the end of summer.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Traveled most of the way on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nice day, temperature in the 60's, a little cooler at 5,000 feet. Unlike the vog in Hawaii, the air here is clean and clear.

Would you believe this cup of coffee cost 25¢ the morning I left Cherokee? I was stoked! I asked the clerk if she was drunk.

This one cost $1.49 for the same size in Blowing Rock.

Just for that, I'm filling the cup half full with

Not a cloud in the sky. The weather rolls through pretty fast and I've seen it go from this to completely overcast in a couple of hours, and it has rained most nights. So far, I haven't been rained on. Knock on wood.

There's something to be said for a library like this in a small village.