Friday, June 29, 2007


Presently in Jackson Hole at the local Motel 6. No wifi here, but the Super 8 down the road has wifi. Why not stay at the Super 8 you ask? Price for a room at Super 8 - $140. Motel 6 - $80. The chinaman did the math. The weather...still beautiful. However, this afternoon the wind is picking up from the south and high white clouds are rollin' in. Hope it isn't a sign of impending rain.
Rock formations impressive

The following images taken at Canyonland NP

On the way to Ogden, UT. The days are still perfect except it is starting to get warm. Maybe in the middle 90's

On to Jackson Hole, WY. Home of the Tetons and the range is impressive

A little wildlife.

Small park in the middle of Jackson. Best part of this town for the rest of it consists of specialty shops looking for the tourist dollar. Lots of people and cars. One thing about being on the park roads is everyone seems to be laid back. No one trying to run over you getting from point A to B.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


but I got behind this vehicle, took the sign literally, and ended up in Moab, Utah.
I went up over another pass yesterday, and my bike suffered again from altitude sickness. No clutch! Fortunately, not too much traffic and not many 15mph curves. No fun, so the next morning
the bike was here. Nate the mechanic thought there might be air in the hydraulic system, so he checked for leaks, bled the system and wished me luck. Presented me with a bill for $33.23. I thought it was a mistake, but it wasn't. I was stoked!

Back on the road, and it's just me and the road for miles.

Geez....Where is everyone?

Some sights along the way. Narrow road with few places to pull off, so some of the picts were taken while I was riding. To please Robin, I spit out my gum beforehand.

The rock formations are impressive.

This store was in the middle of nowhere. I didn't see another building around it for miles. But it was 104° in the shade and the soda was cold.

They won't let her have an umbrella. She used to live in Connecticut but followed her daughter to Moab a few years ago. The daughter moved to Hawaii with her kid, and grandma is left holding a sign. By the way, grandma is only 41. Daughter in Hawaii is about to pop another kid. Grandma has a couple of kids elsewhere and didn't take too kindly when I said she could be a "Great" grandmaw before she reached 60.

I sure was glad to be at the head of the line.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hope I don't jinx it by commenting on how good the weather has been. Can't say the same for the bike. Rear tire had to be replaced. $239 bucks! Geez! I could get all four tires on my car replaced for that price. Drive shaft is leaking. Not bad. Worse, was loosing my clutch and not able to shift gears while heading up over a 10 thousand foot pass on the way to Aspen. Spooky! Got stopped at the top of the pass after screamin' like a sissy and scattering a bunch of what. I figured I could coast to the bottom....and then what. I'm thinking push the bike over a cliff when no one is looking and tell State Farm it was stolen. Alright Aaron...Don't have a cow! Popped the fill cap off for the clutch fluid and noticed some air bubbles as I exercised the clutch. Seemed to fix the problem somewhat. Not the best...but at least I can shift gears. I'm such a lucky duck!
Yet, who can complain after seeing veiws like this...

Stopped at a small mountain town this past week-end. Celebrating "Donkey Days" with a parade. There's something to be said for a small town and the people in it.

Not to mention small town mountain girls.

Birds eye view of town. One main street less than a mile long. Main street lined with casinos, mostly with just slot machines and lots of old buggahs losing their kids' inheritance.

And we're off!

That's all the marching guys in the parade. As I said, it's a small town.

Damn fine looking fire truck. The loudest part of the parade.

Got to wonder what kind of milage this thing gets.

Old cars driven by really old people

The jack-ass is probably thinking he would rather be roaming a field.

Oh mama, what fun!

The parade "Queen".

Lots of horses and riders. Only one donkey, so far.

Lots of this, and I am directly down wind. Not so much fun. Good thing this was the end of the parade.

And then the donkey race. Down the street and around the block.

Presently in Glenwood Springs and will be heading up into Wyoming tomorrow. That is if the bike cooperates.