Monday, February 26, 2007

This is Jin Dui, chinese sesame seed balls filled with black bean sugar. My neighbor brought them over yesterday to cheer me up while I'm trying to recover from a miserable cold. I would have invited her in but didn't want her to become contaminated, so we made small talk for a short time while standing at the doorway.

Then my mind started to wander. Soon I had the Jin Dui at my chest thinking that there would be lots of women that would be happy with this.....

On the other hand, I knew I could be happy with this....

My neighbor, bless her, slowly started to back away.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Ol' guys with short term memory loss and beets are not compatible. I'm potty trained to go #2 in the morning, and prior to flushing this morning, I looked to admire my handywork. I swear, the view presented made it look like I had hemorrhaged internally big time. My heart started pounding and I started to run for the telephone to

Half way to the phone, I'm thinking will I have enough time to shave, comb my hair and brush my teeth before help arrives or should I call after the grooming.

Grooming won out because the fire guys are first responders and the station is just up the street.

I made a good choice because half way through grooming, my brain woke up, and I remembered eating beets the day before. All the more reason cut out the veggies and return to

Sunday, February 18, 2007


This morning my neighbor comes to the door and knocks. When I opened the door, she jumped back and said, "Ohmygawd, you look like hell!" I hadn't got around to grooming my curly hair, so she probably was right.

"Let's walk to the farmers market to get some veggies." Yeah, right! Veggies are the first thing on my mind in the morning. I invite her in and suggest an alternate way to use up some calories, but she's not willing. Must be the hair.

"Need some time to get ready," I say. I get to the mirror and see why she got spooked.

We get to the open market, a place I'm never to be found at, and I think, why not.
So I settle on some

So now I'm standin' at the range, something I seldom do, trying to cook the beets. Took me an hour, probably because I have only one pot. Let me also say that I had beet blood everywhere. The whole time I'm saying, "This will never happen again!"

My kitchen counter went into shock because it just doesn't see this sort of stuff sitting on it.
So to all of you screamin' at me to do something about my diet....Are you happy now?!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


After a cold snap, it finally warmed up in Hawaii.

To celebrate, I did what I do best....

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Got up this morning and piled into the car to go to the store to buy healthy food.

This is the first thing that caught my eye when I turned the key on.

Had to run back into the house to get my winter coat. What the heck.....This is Hawaii.

So much for global warming!!!