Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm sure all will agree that
are important. With this in mind, here is something one should not do.

Never attempt to drink a glass of water with a plastic fork pointing upwards in the same hand as the one that is holding the glass. DUH!

Gettin' dumber by the minute!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


The other evening I got stuck watching the kids while mom and dad went out to see a movie together. Adam was pissed off because he had to do homework while the other two and I got to watch television. At nine o'clock I told Shelby and Zack to take a bath. They gave me crap about who would be first and I finally had them choose a number between one and ten. Shelby lost and up she went. After a time I told Zack it was his turn. Up he went. Some time had past and I got to thinking, it's too quiet. I found all three in mom's room watching
on television. I yelled "Is this appropriate?" All three of them replied in unison, "Yes!" Again, I yelled, "Is this program appropriate?" Again all three said, "Yes!" One said "Mom lets us watch this all the time." So, who am I to argue. Besides, they weren't fighting with each other and it was quiet.
When mom got home, I asked her if it was okay for the kids to watch

When she freaked out, I knew I had been had. Since when did grandkids start lying to their grandparents? Oh, that's right! That's why they are now referred to as "GRANDMONSTERS!"