Thursday, December 25, 2008


Here in Hawaii, everyone knows that “black” dogs are not safe around Filipino men. It has been rumored that these dogs are a delicacy and maybe it’s true, because not many are seen in communities having a large Filipino base such as Kalihi, Waipahu and Ewa Beach. Basically, if your pet “black” dog goes missing, go knock on the door of Mr. Macadangdang’s house.
For the longest time, I thought this black dog thing was a myth, but I am now convinced there might be some truth to it. Here’s why.
My Filipino neighbor across the street got a black dog several days ago. He said it was for his kids. Sounded reasonable until I asked him what he had named the dog. His reply, “DINNER.”

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'll bet the owner of this car won't be full of good cheer when he or she returns and sees this.
Then again, the owner could be on the hefty side and balance things out. Oh look, there she is taking a break.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This past Friday I went to my favorite low rent seniors condo to fix a leaky toilet for a female tenant that has got to be 85 plus years and is lucky to break four feet in height. This condo is about 95% women and is the type of place I'll be looking for when I get old. Whenever I do repairs for these women, they are always so thankful and often will offer me drinks and snacks. I didn't say "snatch," I said snacks! I could do free repairs for them and they could reciprocate by changing my diaper when needed. Anyway, I found the toilet tank had a hairline crack and set an appointment with her to replace it on Monday.
Saturday morning I received a phone call from the resident manager and he tells me the toilet exploded. Say what!!!.....Exploded??? He tells me the toilet tank is in a million pieces. At present, I'm on another maintenance call but promise to get there as soon as I can.

Goody, more lunch money for today.

When I get there, I asked the lady what happened. She tells me she got up in the middle of the night and had to wee. While sitting on the pot, she fell asleep, and I surmised that her weight pushing on the cracked tank caused it to break apart. She said she awoke completely soaked and water was going everywhere. The amazing part is that she had presence of mind to reach down and close the water supply valve.
I would have given my left

to have seen this happen.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


GEEZ!!! I don't remember this. Was I drugged?
I must say, the expression on Hannah's face......PRICELESS.


I'm usually for less government involvement when it comes to private enterprise, but when it comes to the airline industry, I'm about ready to support re-regulation. With regards to air fares, consumers don't stand a chance if they aren't lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Case in point. Four days ago, I found a summer 59 day round trip fare from Hawaii to Chicago for $432. That's right, $432. I was stoked! Although I thought this couldn't be true, I pressed the buy button. Last year, I found a fare for $518. which I thought was great, but ATA went belly up before the trip and I ended up paying $695. for the same trip on another airline. So in my mind, because of this great fare, something catastrophic will happen before the trip.

I'm just hoping I don't go "belly up."
Here's where it gets interesting. Today, just four days later, the same trip now goes for $995. What the hell happened in four days to cause the price to more than double???!!!
Hence, time for

to re-regulate.

And while you're at it, would you please include bringing back a few of these.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


It was a great day yesterday here in Bloomington. Sunny, not much wind, and temperature in the high 40's.
Woke up to this crap this morning.
Maybe God ate too much turkey and now he's crapping all over us.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I read an article the other day indicating that falls are the leading cause of injury for older people.
One out of every three Americans 65 and older falls and almost a third of them require medical treatment. What's scary is that almost 16,000 older people died from falls. So, I've come up with a way to make sure I'm in the category of seniors who don't get hurt or die after falling. I put a mattress on the floor, intentionally tripped myself, and fell on the mattress. No injury and I'm still alive. Got that out of the way......Now what's next?

Friday, November 14, 2008


Every once in a while, I come across a news report like this, and it makes me appreciate how truly lucky I have been during my lifetime. Difficult days I have experienced from time to time, don't even come close to what many others through no fault of their own are faced with on a daily basis.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Knowing this kid, and from the expression on her face along with her crossed arms, I have to wonder what she's thinking. Probably something like, "Geez, when is this old buggah going to pop off."

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Whenever repairs are needed at the senior residence, I don't usually call ahead to make an appointment. I just show up because most always, the occupant is home. The other day, I knock on a door and a woman responds before opening the door, "Who is it?" Always best to be careful before opening your door to a stranger. I say, "I'm here to fix your kitchen faucet." She says, "What color is your shoes?" "Excuse me?" She replies, "Do you have on yellow shoes?"
"No I don't have on yellow shoes" and wonder if I should start running. Besides, who the hell shows up wearing yellow shoes to do repairs. She opens the door, and my curiosity kicked in. She explained that a previous repairman had been very rude to her, and after listening to her story, I had to agree. Of course, there's always two sides to every complaint. I ask, "Can you describe the repairman?" Her reply was, "He had on YELLOW SHOES!" Geez! I'm not looking forward to gettin' old.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


One of these items is supposed to be bad for you. However, I'm not able to figure out which one.
Chomp, chomp...........OH, MAMA!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Here's where it's going!
Damn! Where did I put the rope.....?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today, I walk into the local Lowe's hardware store and the first thing that confronts me is the following:
Geez! The start of October and already Santa is beckoning. Wondering why so early, I did some research, and here's an excerpt of something I found.

Jesus never commanded Christians to celebrate his birth. Rather, he told his disciples to memorialize, or remember, his death. (Luke 22:19, 20) Christmas and its customs come from ancient false religions. The same is true of Easter customs, such as the use of eggs and rabbits. The early Christians did not celebrate Christmas or Easter, nor do true Christians today.>>

WTF!!! It took me all these years to find this out! All the people that make themselves "nuts" during the Christmas season.....not really necessary. Just think, instead of just the "big guys" screwing our economy, the little guy now has an opportunity to play, as well. How you ask? Don't shop for xmas presents. We'll show those overpaid, under-performing CEO's along with the board of directors creating their compensation packages how to do something "first class." So there!

Monday, September 29, 2008


It has been hinted that a particle accelerator like "CERN" could be on the way to becoming a "TIME Machine." Hoping to live long enough to have it come to fruition so that I may be transported from place to place by it instead of having to use the airline industry. Just think...Place to place in an instant! No TSA, cramped seats, inadequate leg room, over-bookings, complicated seat pricing, delays, lost baggage, cancellations, sleeping pilots, and surly flight attendants.
When the wheel was invented, I'm sure there was someone who said to his kid, "Can't get any better than this."

When I was playing pong on a Commodore Vic-20, I said to my kid, "Can't get any better than this."

Hmmm.....Wonder what in the future the kids of today will think can't get better than this.

C'mon Jesus, let me live to a thousand.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, yesterday I did some home repairs for a young woman, and when finished, she exclaimed, "I'm so happy I could just kiss you!" If it were not for the giant Samoan guy standing next to her, I would have considered accepting the offer. Kiss....? Giant Samoan....? Hmmm....I'm not stupid! "Kiss me, kiss me!" Giant Samoan stepped forward.
Didn't take long for me to pick up my tools and run.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


When Aaron came to visit, part of it took him towards Waianae, and he was shocked to see the number of homeless tents along the coast. I thought he was exaggerating, and since I have not been that way for a long time, I decided to see for myself. In a word, "Appalling." Lots and lots of tents. What a friggin' shame. One can only hope few tourists get out this way.

Do you suppose they're burying their dead on the beach?

Lots of this along side the road
At least the shoreline along Yokohama Bay looks the same.
Although there are a lot of feral cats in the area.