Monday, June 22, 2009


I know there are other net sites where one can upload pictures, but I'd rather select a few from the many I have taken and post them here.
Since Cheyenne, I've spent some time in and around Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs. All very busy places with lots of traffic. The around these places are not so hectic. Estes Park and Manitou Springs with all sorts of little shops selling everything imaginable, no frills restaurants, and overrun with tourists. Oh yes, and the ice cream, fudge, and candy shops. Cripple Creek where old people go to play the slots. Black Hawk, a small community all by itself with several casinos smack dab in the middle of a mountain pass. Lots of people. I've been to CO before and saw many other sights then, but this was the first time I rode my bike to the top of Pikes Peak. Cold at the top.
Line was long getting through the fee station, but it was a great day and no rain in sight.
The road doesn't look too bad at the start.
However, several miles of it was gravel. Dry and in pretty good shape, so not too bad.
The worse part was the many, many hair pin turns and wondering if the vehicle coming down the hill was within its' lane as I rounded the turn.
One strong wind gust and it's bye, bye bike. No guard rails and just a couple of feet from the drop off. Let me see...Do I suffer from vertigo?
It is cold up here and the wind is blowin'.
I hope this bird isn't heading for me to take a dump.
A little lower down the mountainside where there are a few hiking trails. The O2 is better, as well.
I think this was a reservoir that could be seen from the top of the mountain.

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Family said...

you can say that you did a 14,000 climb!