Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Why would my neighbor look at me with a sense of wonder and say to me, "Bob, you're one sick puppy,"
after I stated that I like to sit in an aisle seat when I fly on an airplane, which makes it easy for me to reach out and pat a flight attendant on the ass as she walks by. Then in my defense, I can say to her that I'm old, confused, and know not what I am doing.
How could she not forgive me?


Family said...

Flight attendants ain't what they used to be. Now you're lucky if you get any acknowledgement when asking for a bag of nuts. It used to be that they would smile and act happy.

Leonna said...

I thought aisle seats were for the conveneince of the aged so they could get too the loo in a hurry (bladders being unpredictable and all). lol