Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I learned a valuable lesson today on how my choice of words can cause some undesirable results when dealing with some elderly people.

I show up for an appointment to do some repairs, and the woman tenant is old and frail. I mean really, really old!
She is underfoot while I'm trying to evaluate the repair, so to get her out of the way, I lead her to the closest chair and have her sit down.
I tell her I'll come to her if I have questions. In short order, I determine the problem and find that I need to go to the hardware store for materials. I tell the old woman I have to go to the store and ask her if she has to be somewhere else before I can return in about 45 minutes. Still sitting in the chair, she says, "No." I say, "Okay, wait right here and I'll be back as soon as possible." When I returned, I knocked on the door and waited. And waited....and knocked....and waited. Finally, I partially open the front door and yell, "I'm back!" I hear some muted response, and as I enter, I see the old woman who immediately says to me, "I didn't move from the chair. I stayed right where you told me to stay."
That's not what I meant!

As I'm doing the repair, I wondered how long she would have sat there had I not returned.
Man....gettin' old sucks!

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Family said...

Did you change her Depends? I think that would be at least you could do, since you told her not to move.